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August 15, 2016

Internet trolls have a field day with photo of Bush and gorilla

Before George W. Bush was president, the 50-year-old Texas governor was photographed with a Western Lowland gorilla named Kayla.

Normally, this wouldn’t raise an eyebrow — simply a nice PR photoshoot for the candidate. Except for one thing, Kayla is Harambe’s Mother.

No, this not a joke. No, this is no Photoshopped image. What it is, is pure gold for the Bush trolls on the internet.

Harambe, as you may remember, is the 17-year-old gorilla who become a hero posthumously after his tragic, controversial death: he was shot when a three-year-old boy climbed into his cage at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Harambe fans say the gorilla died unjustly trying to protect the boy. Jane Goodall says otherwise.

Either way, these newly emerged July 1996 photos of Bush with Harambe’s mother from have caused a Twitter storm from the “Bush did 9/11 crowd":

Of course Bush is involved, because how could he not be? He’s George “Dub-ya” Bush.

Rest in Peace, Harambe. Know that your death is being thoroughly investigated to the far corners of the internet.