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November 07, 2018

Joe Biden emerges from Wilmington voting booth and spawns a hundred memes

Election Day was an historic event as Democrats won back the House and voter turnout in Philadelphia greatly surpassed that of 2014.

It was also a notable day for memes.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden emerged from a voting booth after casting his ballot in Wilmington, Delaware on Tuesday, spawning a fire of memes throughout Reddit inspired by his theatrical flair in parting the curtains of the voting booth.

Yep, all it took was a slightly amusing snapshot of the curtains sashaying open for Biden, and here we are. First, see below for the original photos of Biden showing his ID to vote and then emerging from the booth.

On Reddit, the "Photoshop Battles" thread had users reimagining the photo dozens of different ways. Biden was reimagined as DraculaAnakin Skywalker, and many others. 

Here are a few other top-notch creations.

Shift through the dozens of other reimaginings on Reddit

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