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Reddit's 2020 Year in Review shares insight into top posts, trends

Reddit 2020 Year in Review


Grandma wowed in viral video of 'magic' trick with Wawa cups

Wawa Magic Cups


FOX29's Karen Hepp sues Facebook, Reddit for $10 million over sketchy photo

Karen Hepp


Bat and knife-wielding woman arrested in Mayfair rampage

711 Frankford Avenue


Photo shows Eagles' CB Rasul Douglas got insanely fit this offseason

Odd News

Local brewery starts crafting 'Do Attend' beer in time for April 27 furnace party

Furnace Party

Odd News

Everything you wanted to know about the 'steel furnace letter' but were afraid to ask

27th and Girard Furnace Party

Odd News

Fairmount's 'steel furnace letter' has a soundtrack

Furnace letter philly

Odd News

The Philly version of Pizza Rat is Pretzel Rat, and here he is

Carroll - Philly soft pretzels

Odd News

Woman who's never been to New Jersey gets state-shaped tattoo

Carroll - 2018 New Jersey Shore Guide


Joe Biden emerges from Wilmington voting booth and spawns a hundred memes

Odd News

Philadelphians pen 'ode' to the end of SEPTA paper transfers

Carroll -  SEPTA Bus


Center City restaurant deals with misplaced outrage over 'Sidewalk Closed' sign

southgate outdoor seating


The Broad Street Wawa is no longer open 24 hours

Wawa Broad and Walnut streets

Odd News

Philly Reddit used a football and rope to save a cat from a tree in Fairmount Park

Cat rescue header


Nothing beats dry, bland meat: a Reddit query for the worst Philly cheesesteak

Stock_Carroll - Pat's and Geno's Cheesesteak

Odd News

'The dress' is back, in audio form, with 'Yanny' vs. 'Laurel' debate

yanny vs laurel

Odd News

Did a teenager really get 'branded' by a stranger at Reading Terminal Market?



His Eagles ticket got stolen, so Reddit users bought him a new one


Some practical (and hilarious) tips from Philadelphians to prevent stolen packages


How far would a North Korean bomb reach from City Hall? One N.J. historian has the answer

nuclear map

Social Media

Eagles, Flyers represented in final version of Reddit's 'Place' social experiment

reddit place philly


Moderator of Philadelphia Reddit bans several 'alt-right/neo-nazi a--holes'


Odd News

Inspired by Reddit, what's the strangest thing you've seen in Philly?

Air Vent Dude


Internet falls in love with guy who airs himself out on Center City vent every day

Air Vent Dude


Check out this stunning sunset view from Citizens Bank Park

Mental Health

Sexual assault survivors, especially men, find refuge in online anonymity


Reddit user follows up with community's 2015 resolutions