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June 24, 2016

Internet falls in love with guy who airs himself out on Center City vent every day

Man's daily routine documented on Reddit

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Air Vent Dude Google Maps/Street View

This dude airs himself out on a vent in Center City everyday.

What's the ultimate sign of being comfortable in your own skin, something that shows you're almost completely unmoved by the passing judgment of others?

Some guy in Philly may have figured out. Photos and videos of a man who every day stands atop a Center City air vent and lets his clothes blow up like inflatable pool toys have been circulating on YouTube, Reddit and social media.

Here's a video of the man, who gets his daily air bath near the corner of 13th and Spruce streets:

The man's popularity first grew on the Philadelphia subreddit but has recently made its way to the website's general pictures page, reaching more and more users.

As users on the site have pointed out, this man's routine has been well-documented. He's even on Google Maps' Street View.

There's now a live camera set up to record the vent the man frequents:

If you've fallen in love with this guy like Reddit has, you can check out the whole thread on him here.