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December 26, 2017

His Eagles ticket got stolen, so Reddit users bought him a new one

The Eagles played (and won, in ugly fashion) on Christmas, so the mentions of snowballs and Santa Claus were aplenty.

How about we bury that hatchet and show a different side of Birds fans, one of charity and good will?

Reddit user raekwonelchef took to the forum's Eagles subreddit on Christmas morning with a pressing issue: his Eagles ticket for Monday night's game against the Raiders had been stolen.

"I was spending Christmas alone this year, so I thought the only way to make that suck less was to spend the day with my real family; so I got a ticket to the Raiders game," raekwonelchef wrote.

"It was sitting on my coffee table when I went to bed, and this morning when I woke up my window had been pried open and the ticket (plus my PS4..) was gone. I am crushed. I will be spending this game with as much booze as I can find watching it on my crappy TV."

In the spirit of the season, fellow Eagles fans wouldn't let him drown his sorrows. User FortyPercentTitanium posted to the thread, saying the "situation sucks but there's something we can do about it."

FortyPercentTitanium asked other Philly fans to donate to a GoFundMe page set up to buy raekwonelchef a new ticket, offering to take care of the details if others chipped in a few dollars.

The online fundraiser worked, raising $225 of a $200 goal, which was enough to snag a ticket on StubHub and send raekwonelchef to the frigid game at Lincoln Financial Field.

In an update just a few hours later, raekwonelchef wrote that he had gotten his new ticket from FortyPercentTitanium (who is apparently Alex Younger of Stratford, New Jersey, according to his GoFundMe page):

Update: /u/FortyPercentTitanium just emailed me a ticket. this team and subreddit are the greatest thing and i can't wait to scream for all of you as Foles smashes the crap out of the Raiders. I'll upload pictures and volunteer 20 hours at the Philly ASPCA this month!

Of course, Foles didn't smash the crap out of the Raiders, as the Eagles snuck by with defense and the iron leg of Jake Elliott. But a bummed-out Birds fan got to see his team clinch home-field advantage in the playoffs, thanks to the kindness of others.

OK, you may now return to your previously scheduled stereotypes.