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July 24, 2015

Jon Stewart is selling 'Daily Show' suits on eBay for charity

Jon Stewart is passing the torch – and with it, his custom-tailored trousers – as he prepares to leave his post as the long-reigning host of the satire newscast "The Daily Show."

 The comedian has set up an eBay auction site to sell more than a dozen of his custom-tailored threads to charity, Esquire Magazine reports. 

Stewart has worn a suit every time he sat behind the desk on the show’s set for the past 16 years, forming with it a signature style.

The eBay collection includes 18 Armani suits, all custom-tailored for Stewart in size 40 short, with a starting bid of between $200 to $500 each.

The auction will officially run through July 30 and all proceeds will benefit Achilles International, a charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities participate in sports, according to Esquire.

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