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May 09, 2017

Kelce trade watch: Saints center Max Unger will reportedly be back for preseason

According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, New Orleans Saints center Max Unger will recover from his foot injury in time for the preseason, which runs counter to reports that he would miss playing time into the regular season:

Florio previously reported that Malcolm Jenkins was included as part of an Eagles trade offer for Brandin Cooks, so he does have a track record of correctly reporting Saints information.

When news of Unger's injury initially broke, every Eagles observer immediately pointed out that the Eagles are flush with centers, but thin on running backs, while the Saints are flush with running backs, but suddenly thin on centers. Thus, Jason Kelce trade speculation was born (or re-born, or whatever).

The comical part of this whole developing story, however, is that there are now conflicting reports on a timetable for Unger's injury, when nobody has even reported what his actual injury is. Nevertheless, you can probably put any Kelce trade to Saints on the shelf for now, even if this is some sort of leverage leak by the Saints.

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