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May 16, 2017

Lawsuit claims James Harden orchestrated 2016 beating of Moses Malone Jr.

Moses Malone Jr., the son of former Sixers star and NBA legend Moses Malone, has reportedly filed an amendment to  his civil lawsuit stemming from a June 2016 attack in Houston. 

In the new filing, Malone is now seeking damages from James Harden, who he claims orchestrated the beating in retaliation for a Facebook post that criticized the Rockets guard for charging too much for his youth basketball camp, thus isolating inner-city kids.

The attack, which took place outside of an after-hours strip club, involved Malone being beaten and robbed by four armed men. Four people, including a security guard at the since-shut-down club who reportedly told the armed men to beat and rob Malone before entering the club with those same men, were arrested and charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

Originally, Harden was not charged or accused of being involved in the beating. But now Malone's attorney believes they have enough evidence, including witness accounts, to tie the MVP candidate to the attack.

Here's more from's Tim MacMahon:

A Facebook post published by Malone on June 24 criticized Harden for charging $249 for his basketball camp, which Malone said shut out inner-city children. [Attorney George] Farah, who represents Malone, said the Facebook post was referenced during the beating and robbery.

"All the stories that we've heard from all the witnesses were pretty consistent that James Harden was pretty upset about the Facebook post that was posted the night before the attack," Farah told ESPN on Tuesday morning. "There were text messages between Moses and some of James Harden's friends. ... We have a good trail of evidence that leads to James Harden's involvement to this."

Farah said he is in the process of subpoenaing 10 witnesses who were at the club that night and can testify to Harden's involvement. Farah said Malone and Harden were both regular clients at the club.  []

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