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October 19, 2016

Bo Dietl: Let’s hope Hillary, Trump leave the sleaze backstage tonight

As the excitement builds for the last of the three debates tonight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, there are a lot of people who have decided already who their candidate is going to be and who they are going to vote for.

But I think tonight is an opportunity for both of the candidates to change some minds by showing where they stand on what’s most important – the issues.

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Tonight’s debate will be the most important one because, in the first two, there was much, too much emphasis on personal attacks; who did what, etc. As I have said before, I am not interested in that garbage.

When the hell are we gonna get down to the issues: Why are you running for president? What the hell you are gonna do if you are elected? And how are you going to do it?

The absolute last thing that America wants is a duplication of the first two debates where it becomes a personality contest and each one attacks the other. Again, I am not interested in that stuff. I am interested in moving forward and moving in a different direction, whether that be with Hillary Clinton as our president or with Donald Trump as our president.

My biggest problem in the last couple of weeks is that the onus has been put on all the sexual scandals of who did what or who grabbed who where and, on the other side, what Hillary did and didn’t do while her husband was supposedly carrying on with all of these girls.

I would really like to hear definitively about which way these two are going to direct the United States of America. My biggest issue is – and I will be listening for it – is the buildup of our military. Our military has been completely depleted in the last eight years. To me, this is one of the most important issues facing America – the safety of all Americans. And, as I have said before, the vetting who comes into our country is very, very important.

What will each of the candidates do about the economy – especially the economy in our inner cities, where a lack of jobs just leads to crime? Just look at Chicago, where there’s been over 550 murders and over 4,000 shootings this year. You go to Baltimore … all over the country.

What is the root of this problem? I really believe it’s the fact that we are not providing the people who live in the inner cities with the hope that they can go out and get a job to support their families.

These are, to me, the issues that I want to hear about tonight: The economy, how we are going to protect America and how we are going to get our people to work. This is what’s important, not that other crap that dominated the first two debates.

We must be able to turn our inner cities into productive workplaces and we must provide training for trades. It’s not all about going to college. It’s about where you can have a job and you have a family and you have responsibilities to you can fulfill for that family.

This effectively can bring our communities together and help break down that wall that has been put up between our inner cities and our police.

These are, to me, the issues that I want to hear about tonight: The economy, how we are going to protect America and how we are going to get our people to work.

This is what’s important, not that other crap that dominated the first two debates.

I want this country to move in a different direction, a direction where we feel good about ourselves, where we have a national pride for all Americans, where we have a strong military and a powerful economy.

We have to deal with Obamacare because it's destroying small business as we speak. I want to hear what Hillary Clinton thinks and I want to hear what Donald Trump thinks. And we’ll see if they know what the hell they are talking about if they get direct questions and are allowed to answer.

Please, for the country’s sake, stick to the issues!

Right now, this country needs to get back to feeling good about itself. There is too much Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs. conservative. That’s garbage. I am tired of the country being so split like this.

If you believe the polls, Trump has to make up some serious ground tonight. To do that, he’s got to take the narcissism – the “me” and “I” stuff and turn it to “we” and “us.” And he’s got to tell America how he’s gonna do things. It can’t be just words like “huge … massive … amazing … the greatest.”

I am tired of hearing that. I don’t want to hear that. Tell me how the hell you are going to do it, Donald. And be specific with it.

We all know Hillary Clinton is a much more polished politician. If I was teaching a politics class, it would be Hillary Clinton 100, Donald Trump 42. He can’t shrug off the tough questions with “huge” or “amazing.” She will eat him up.

He has got to show a different kind of leadership tonight or you can start to practice saying, President Hillary Clinton.