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October 05, 2016

Bo Dietl: Donald Trump should be our next president, and here’s why

First, let’s do a little background: I go back with Donald Trump about 40 years. A long time ago, I worked for him. I’ve done security work for him … not any of that “covert” investigational stuff that people allege, just normal security work.

With that out of the way, I think Donald Trump should be the next president of the United States.

Is Donald Trump a narcissist? Yes. Does he love himself? Yes. Does he sometimes say things he shouldn’t? Yes.

But Donald Trump gets things done and I really believe he loves this country and is running for the right reasons. I think economically, he can get us back to a robust economy with substantial growth and revive our manufacturing base. He knows how to cut through the waste. He knows how to cut through the baloney. And people can’t bullshit Donald Trump.

What really struck me from the start is how he took projects — golf courses, buildings, residences — and made them the best in the world. I became one of the original members of Mar-a-Lago, and what a great, great facility that is in Palm Beach. To be honest with you, he has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, and the buildings that he has and the residences that he builds are fabulous.

We need a leader

I have a great deal of respect for Hillary Clinton but I just don’t like the idea of more of the same economic stagnation, uncontrolled deficit growth and weakness in foreign policy. I really feel as though I don’t want four more years of what Obama has done and the direction we’ve gone in, and that’s why I threw my support behind Donald early on in this election cycle.

Part of my reason for supporting Trump is his frank and honest stance regarding race relations in this country. You can go back to Trayvon Martin, to the incident that happened in Ferguson and the rush to judgment before the information was in coming out of the president’s office and the attorney general’s office. Let’s face it, this country has been so divided that I really feel like we need a leader to bring us back together.

We got this psychopath in North Korea that’s killed almost 2,000 military officers … he’s nuts and now he’s got atomic weapons and no one is dealing with him in a firm and decisive manner. We have this ISIS problem and no one is really dealing with it effectively.

It’s not going to be the end of the world like all these people are saying if Donald Trump becomes president. It’s going to be a focused, honest and professional administration with the goal of obtaining results for the American people.

I’ve got a business with several hundred employees and all the medical insurance has just doubled if not tripled with Obamacare and no one’s dealing with that.

What we need is a strong leader. And I think Donald can be a strong leader.

Listen, he’s not a nut-job like they make him out to be. He’s got children and grandchildren. He’s not about to start a war and put them in danger. He cares about his family like we all do. He’s a guy who gets things done, and if he puts a bunch of senators and congressmen in a room, he certainly can get out of them what President Obama has not gotten out of them so they can actually get things done in Washington.

He can still win this election if he comes off as a human being that is not part of the political establishment. He’s not a Republican and he’s not a Democrat. He’s a guy for the people. And that’s how he’s got to run; on issues that are important to everyone in this country.

A non-professional politician

The first thing is, he’s got to realize that he’s not a politician. But Hillary is. A professional one. In the first debate, she gave him the bait and he bit. He shouldn’t have even dealt with the Miss Universe stuff — things like that that don’t even matter. As far as him paying taxes or him not paying taxes, whatever the hell it was … he looked so guilty, like he did something wrong.

She played him; she played him exactly the way she wanted to play him. He needed to just make it very simple and say, “My attorneys tell me that my taxes are on extension.” And that’s it. He should have redirected the moderator and started talking about why he was there and started talking about important things.

There are so many ways that he should have gone with her … like the military being taken apart and not being strong. He should’ve talked about the economy, about jobs for African-Americans in our inner-cities, about the division that’s going on right now in the country. Instead, he played right in to her hands.

He didn’t control that debate, but he HAS to control the next one, no matter which way that moderator goes — and he’s gonna have a tough moderator with my friend [Anderson Cooper] from CNN. But you can control a debate if you can control yourself. You can’t get emotional. You can’t lose control.

Not that he lost control, but he showed too much emotion because he’s a non-professional politician. And that’s what I think the first debate showed; that he’s not a professional politician. She is. And he can’t compete with that.

A new approach

And that’s not why you should vote for him. You are voting for Donald Trump because you want someone to take the country in another direction who is not gonna play politics as usual — the same old corruption, the same old things going on in Washington with lobbyists – Donald is a guy that I think will clean this crap up.

The people of America have to decide: Do you want someone who is going to bring some change to the country or do you want the same old … and if you decide you want the same old, then vote for Hillary Clinton and we’ll have the same old things going on.

But why not try something new? It’s not going to be the end of the world like all these people are saying if Donald Trump becomes president. It’s going to be a focused, honest and professional administration with the goal of obtaining results for the American people.

Listen, I know the man; he doesn’t sleep a lot; three maybe four hours a night. That’s why he tweets at 3 o’clock in the morning. He is a workaholic. He’ll be all over everyone and everything. He’ll be all over this government. He’ll be involved with improving the military. He’ll be involved in restoring our economy. He’ll be involved in cutting through this racial divide. He’ll be hands-on and driven to achieve success.

Why do we have to keep going back to the same politics as usual? I am running as a Democrat for mayor of New York City. I am not a politician either. I am not gonna put up with the same crap and Donald is not gonna put up with the same crap, either.

That’s why I implore people to please, let’s give Donald a shot, because we know the alternative; and it’s not pretty.