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April 28, 2016

Little Baby’s teams up with Philly school kids to send ice cream to space

West Philly's Workshop School helps get an insane idea off the ground

Ice Cream Little Baby's Ice Cream
Little Baby's and Workshop School put ice cream in space Ice Cream in Space/for PhillyVoice

Little Baby's and The Workshop School teamed up to put ice cream in space.

It’s hard to say what’s fact and what’s fiction in "Ice Cream in Space," a new “absurdist-docu-comedy.” The video purports to tell the story of Little Baby’s Ice Cream — the Willy Wonkas of the Philadelphia dessert world — teaming up with the smart and creative kids of The Workshop School in West Philly.

Their mission? To put a pint of ice cream (in a fancy, recyclable carton) on a balloon and see how high they can make it go. It’s a wonderfully pointless endeavor, and the kids’ hard work and ingenuity are inspiring.

Did real ice cream finally slip the surly bonds of Earth? (That Neapolitan chalk stuff doesn’t count.) Was the GoPro-esque footage from the upper atmosphere really filmed from their heavenly dirigible? Watch the video.