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November 03, 2017

Eagles Mailbag: Timmy Jernigan vs. Bennie Logan

In our weekly Eagles chat, there were a lot of questions that we could not get to in time or other questions we did answer but could use more color. And so, let's do a mailbag post to answer some of the overflow.

Question from Samuel (via email): Timmy vs. Bennie?

Bennie Logan was a good player for the Eagles – particularly in the run game – who put up underwhelming stats. There was a concern that moving on from Logan could result in a downgrade in rush defense. The Eagles are currently the No. 1 ranked rush defense in the NFL, so obviously, letting Logan walk has not hurt them.

Here are Logan’s stats vs. Timmy Jernigan’s:

 PlayerTackles Sacks FF-FR TFL 
Timmy Jernigan 16 1.5 0-0 
 Bennie Logan30 1.5 0-0 

Logan has almost double the number of tackles of Jernigan, but Jernigan has more than double Logan's tackles for loss. Overall, there's not a big difference, numbers-wise. 

The difference is that Logan signed a one-year deal with the Chiefs worth $8 million. The Eagles have Jernigan under wraps in 2017 for about $1 million. Jernigan also has a gold grill and is delightful to talk to in the locker room. To be determined what each guy will make in 2018.

The Eagles did have to trade back about 20 spots in the third round of 2017 draft, but after their move back they ended up with Rasul Douglas, who looks like a good pick so far. Overall, I would say that the Eagles were right to let Logan walk.

Question from FlyEaglesFly: Do you think the Eagles could transition Rasul Douglas to safety, given the amount of depth at CB and Malcolm Jenkins getting up there in age?

The Eagles have a lot of young corners in Ronald Darby (23), Jalen Mills (23), Rasul Douglas (22), and Sidney Jones (21). Darby and Mills are legitimate starting corners in the NFL, and Douglas looks like he may soon be as well. To be determined how Jones looks whenever he is able to play. The Eagles have themselves a good problem if they’re all good players worthy of being on the field, so I see your point in potentially moving one to safety.

For me, that player would not be Douglas, who I think is just a corner. The guy I would move would be Mills, who has proven to be a good tackler, and who has some experience already at safety in college. The Eagles could also match their corners up, depending on who they play on a week-to-week basis.

As for Jenkins, he’s 29, he’s in the prime of his career, and he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. He’s got plenty of football left in him.

Question from DB: If A.J. McCarron is worth second- and third-round picks, does Foles or Sudfeld have any trade value at the end of the year?

Sudfeld has no trade value. He was on the practice squad until this week. Foles might though, and I wouldn’t rule out that possibility.

Foles is going to count for $7.6 million on the cap next year, $2.2 million of which they would save if they released him. That’s not going to happen. If they traded him, however, they would save $5.2 million. If the Eagles think enough of Sudfeld’s progression, maybe they would consider trading Foles to gain some extra cap space.

Question from SeanOfTheDead: I really don’t understand Sudfeld to the 53. The Eagles went half a year with two quarterbacks on the roster. They need depth elsewhere. Your thoughts?

With Andrew Luck going on IR, the Indianapolis Colts tried to sign Sudfeld off the Eagles’ practice squad. If the Eagles didn’t sign him to their 53-man roster, they would have lost him. To make room for Sudfeld, the Eagles waived DT Justin Hamilton, a player they will certainly try to sign back to the practice squad. Sudfeld will be among the Eagles’ seven inactives on game day, so he’s not precluding anyone else from suiting up.

The Eagles like Sudfeld. He was one of the highest paid practice squad players in the league, to the point where his activation to the 53-man roster didn’t really even give him much of a bump in pay.

Question from Why is Shelton Gibson still on the roster?: I don’t recall seeing Shelton Gibson on special teams. Can you tell me why he has a roster spot despite the Eagles being thin at LB?

You don’t recall see Gibson on special teams because he hasn’t dressed for a game yet this season. There are 53 players on the roster. Only 46 actually put on a uniform and play. The remaining seven are “inactive.” Gibson has been on the inactive list every week so far this year, which is why you haven’t seen him on special teams, or anywhere else.

Comment from Hinkie: Outside of offensive tackle (which can change depending on Vaitai’s play and even Jason Peters coming back), going into the draft the Eagles won’t have any holes. They can truly let Joe Douglas and the team do their thing and just take the best available player. I think that helps when they’re obviously a bit short on draft picks this year. There’s no real need to reach to plug a hole in the lineup.

I have no response, other than to say I agree.

Question from Zach: If you had similarly rated prospects at DE and OT next year (and assuming JP is coming back), who do you take?

In terms of positions of importance, I would, of course, put QB first, by a mile. After that, I would say that OT and DE are probably in a distant Tier 2, with a big gap to Tier 3, which is where I’d have CB and DT.

Similarly rated, if I have a choice between an OT and a DE, two positions I think are of equal importance, I'm going OT all day, based on team need.

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