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March 12, 2015

Math and dessert combine for Pi Day fun

3/14/15 is filled with events for the novelty holiday

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Throw it back to grade school this Saturday, March 14, and celebrate Pi Day, the holiday in honor of the mathematical constant of pi (π). To refresh your math memory, pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, aka 3.14159. Since this Saturday is 3-14-15, it's an extra-special Pi Day. 

Educational institutions and restaurants are holding some fun events featuring math activities and pie - get it?

Pi Day Princeton

The whole town of Princeton will celebrate with a festival, beginning with a 3.14-mile run in the morning and ending with a smartphone-led pub crawl. In between there will be celebrations of Albert Einstein's birthday, complete with a look-alike contest; a pie-eating contest and a pie-baking contest. The day is full of fun activities for adults and kids alike.

Saturday, March 14
7 a.m.-9:26 p.m. | Prices vary
Locations vary

Pi Day at the Franklin Institute

As the local standard-bearer for science-based fun, it's no surprise the Franklin Institute is going all out today. They'll open at 3-14-15 9:26 a.m. since the first eight digits of pi are 3.1415926. Throughout the day, they'll host hands-on activities for measuring pi, a pi recital competition, a pie-launching game, a pie-eating competition and an appearance from Pi Man.

Saturday, March 14
9:26 a.m.-4 p.m. | $15.95-$19.95
The Franklin Institute
271 N. 21st St.
(215) 448-1200 

National Pi Day Special at Magpie

Local pie restaurant Magpie will serve up their signature dish in a special flavor for the day. Slices of Butterscotch Bourbon Pie will be available for $3.14 until supplies last. (If you've seen a picture of their Chocolate Blackout Pie, you can bet their Pi Day flavor will sell out fast!)

Saturday, March 14
11 a.m.-Sellout | $3.14
1622 South St.
(267) 519-2904

Pi Day at Jose "Pi"stola's

Jose Pistola's will partake in the Craft Beer Express today with a special selection of drafts. The restaurant will also hold a TastyKake pie-eating contest and a pi recital contest. Pies will be provided by Frecon Cidery, too.

Saturday, March 14
11-2 a.m. | Pay as you go
263 S. 15th St. 
(215) 545-4101