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September 10, 2019

Mike Scott incident tailgater confirms racial slur was used, says crew has disbanded

The tailgate's 'Microphone Guy' said the incident has him 'almost unemployed' and 'almost divorced'

One of the Eagles fans who was involved in the Eagles tailgate fight with Sixers forward Mike Scott called into The Mike Missanelli Show on 97.5 The Fanatic on Tuesday afternoon, and things got wild.

The man, who is currently known as "Microphone Guy" for his role in the social media videos of the incident, confirmed that someone at the tailgate directed a racial slur at Scott.

Here's a transcript of what Microphone Guy had to say about the Mike Scott incident itself:

Mike Miss: The Mike Scott part. How does that develop?

Mic Guy: As he's walking through the lot, again, everybody on the sidewalk, in 50 feet of us, left or right, we had no idea who he was. We say, 'Alright, here comes another Redskins fan. Here comes a Redskins fan.' And we all just start in on him. Nobody knew he was an NBA player. The minute we found out he was an NBA player, you wanna talk about hearts sunk. Grown men with tears in their eyes.

Mike Miss: You guys are haranguing him, and what's his reaction to it?

Mic Guy: He was not happy.

Mike Miss: He comes over to you?

Mic Guy: He was not happy.

Mike Miss: Alright, you guys use any kinds of racial slurs towards him?

Mic Guy: It's been coming out that it has. There's a lot of us there. I wanna say no, but I would probably be justified in saying someone did, yes.

Mike Miss: Okay, so that may have set him off. He comes over. And then what happens?

Mic Guy: Pushing and shoving, and now it's, again, it's the mob mentality. You can't let him get over on you. He doesn't want to back down. It was just a bad situation. It should've never happened, and I can tell you it'll never happen again.

Mike Miss: Your son actually got into the scrap with him, right?

Mic Guy: At the time I didn't know, but yes.

Mike Miss: When did you find out it was Mike Scott, and what did you do from that point on?

Mic Guy: Probably 20, 30 minutes after. We immediately, a handful of us from our group, a lot of guys split, went home. But a handful of us went immediately to find a supervisor for Wells Fargo security, immediately went into the security room in the basement of the Wells Fargo, and tried to contact the Sixers and Mike Scott himself. We were there for hours, trying to deal with it, trying to apologize.

Mike Miss: You didn't go into the game?

Mic Guy: We did, but we left about halfway through the first quarter, after we started to realize what was going on.

PhillyVoice's Kyle Neubeck reported Monday that Scott, who was wearing a Washington Redskins jersey at the Eagles' home opener, was greeted with hostility when he tried to visit the "F Lot Crew" tailgate, including racial slurs, which led to the fight:

"They did not recognize Scott as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers and instead appeared to view him simply as a large man in opposing colors attempting to start trouble at an Eagles tailgate.

"Though some fans in the area initially engaged in the sort of accepted hostility you expect between division rivals — "F*ck the Redskins!" and "F*ck you!" were among the insults directed his way — witnesses say tailgaters who escalated the situation directed racial slurs, specifically the n-word, in Scott's direction in the area by the coffin.

"The majority of witnesses who spoke to PhillyVoice painted it as the cause of the fight that was later captured on video, though a smaller group claimed not to have heard them until the shoving eventually broke out."

Microphone Guy also offered up some other interesting details. 

• "Almost every friend that knows is walking away. I've been threatened with my job, friendships are gone, my wife is irate, my kids are embarrassed, I'm embarrassed. It's just a bad thing, all around, that never should've happened."

• "Yesterday, we all spoke and our tailgating days are done. We broke up our crew. I've gone so far as to give up my tickets for the rest of the year. If it's an issue, I plan on not renewing, because this is an embarrassment to the city, the fanbase, the team, both teams. Everyone involved."

Microphone Guy said no one involved in the incident is planning to pursue legal action against Scott.

The Sixers told PhillyVoice on Monday that the team isn't treating the incident as a "disciplinary incident", and they don't plan to punish Scott for his involvement, absent a new development.

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