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August 10, 2017

Mike Trout dons full Sixers uniform, Twitter confirms eventual move to the Phillies

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081017_Trout_AP1 Mike Trout/Twitter

Mike Trout trusts The Process

Mike Trout might be on his way to becoming the greatest baseball player of all-time, which is both cool and a bit of a bummer for Philly sports fans. That’s because Trout, outside of the whole baseball thing, is also a massive Philly sports fan.

I mean, the man told PhillyVoice about his love for Brian Dawkins.

So it was and wasn’t a surprise to see him post a picture on Twitter of himself in the Angels clubhouse Wednesday, sporting a full Ben Simmons Sixers uniform. Trout very clearly Trusts The Process, but this is a little much, no?

As it turns out, all of his Angels teammates were wearing basketball uniforms on their flight to Seattle. A trend popularized by Joe Maddon, themed road trips aren’t totally uncommon around Major League Baseball:

Of course, that didn’t stop Phillies fans from having some fun on Twitter:

To nobody’s surprise, the Sixers crack social media team was right on the case:

Even though Trout is still in “Los Angeles of Anaheim” for a million (three) more seasons, it’s understandable why Phillies fans become excited at any mention of his Philly fandom. Trout grew up rooting for the Phillies, loves living in his quiet hometown (which is a 45-minute drive from Citizens Bank Park), and again, he’s a generational talent.

Just like the Sixers, though, Phillies fans will have to trust a three-year process in terms of Trout hitting the open market.

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