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August 20, 2015

Mike Trout planning on being a Weather Channel correspondent in South Jersey this winter

In addition to possibly the best baseball player on the planet, Mike Trout also seems to be a bit of a weather geek. The 24-year-old outfielder loves talking about snowstorms so much that he has traded direct messages on Twitter with The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore in the past when a big storm was ticketed for South Jersey.

Trout, who still trades the California sunshine for Millville during the offseason, apparently saw his obsession with weather start as a kid who just wanted a couple of snow days off from school. After his season is over with the Los Angeles Angels, Trout has talked with Cantore about making a few on-air appearances for The Weather Channel in the offseason. From Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports:

They’ve discussed helping Trout fulfill part of his childhood dream this offseason. He spends every winter in his house on the outskirts of Millville, the south Jersey town in which he grew up. And should a big storm hit the area this offseason, the Weather Channel wants to offer Trout a correspondent’s gig.

“We’re planning on me doing a story when there’s a big storm in Jersey,” he said. “I’m gonna be on the Weather Channel. Hopefully, we get a big snowstorm.” And if not, perhaps he can do it like Cantore and follow the bad weather where it goes. “A sick vacation for me,” Trout said, “would be to go to upstate New York when a big snowstorm hits.”

When December rolls around and you’re praying for no snow, just know that Mike Trout is hoping for the opposite. One of the world’s best athletes wants to get on TV. 

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