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October 11, 2016

My Millennial Co-worker: Doesn’t really watch TV

My Millennial Co-worker Television
Television Ryan Merritt/flickr/creative commons

A television.

Recent office interactions have revealed that one of my millennial co-workers does not really watch television. The disclosure came during a one-sided conversation about “The Walking Dead,” which begins its seventh season on Oct. 23. This co-worker has not seen a single episode of the popular zombie drama.

“What do you like to do instead of watching television?” I asked.

“I feel like when I have time to relax, I do something else rather than sit in front of a television screen.”

“But what specifically do you do during primetime TV hours?”

“I’m either out, or reading or I’m on my laptop.”

In previous conversations, this co-worker has demonstrated an above-average interest in, and knowledge of, movies, the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix being a recent favorite. At press time, this person has expressed no desire to play Pokemon Go.

This has been My Millennial Co-worker. Thank you and good night.

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