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October 11, 2016

My Millennial Co-worker: Doesn’t really watch TV

My Millennial Co-worker Television
Television Ryan Merritt/flickr/creative commons

Early televisions were hulking, humpbacked things that attempted to conjure programming signals from the air using thin metal sticks.

Recent office interactions have revealed that one of my millennial co-workers does not really watch television. The disclosure came during a one-sided conversation about “The Walking Dead,” which begins its seventh season on Oct. 23. This co-worker has not seen a single episode of the popular zombie drama.

“What do you like to do instead of watching television?” I asked.

“I feel like when I have time to relax, I do something else rather than sit in front of a television screen.”

“But what specifically do you do during primetime TV hours?”

“I’m either out, or reading or I’m on my laptop.”

In previous conversations, this co-worker has demonstrated an above-average interest in, and knowledge of, movies, the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix being a recent favorite. At press time, this person has expressed no desire to play Pokemon Go.

This has been My Millennial Co-worker. Thank you and good night.

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