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November 14, 2017

Netflix seems to be recruiting an army of people named Will Smith

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030117_BrightSmith Netflix/YouTube

Will Smith in "Bright."

Will Smith (the one everyone's heard of) sent a message to fans who share the actor’s common name.

As Smith counts down to the December release of his upcoming Netflix film Bright, the movie is apparently sending him on a nonstop press tour around the world.

On Monday, Netflix posted a video of the West Philly native to its Twitter account, where the actor made a request in light of his busy schedule.

“They got me on a big, global world tour promoting in Australia, Canada, Japan, Ohio, and just all over. But it’s too much stuff, it’s interviews, it’s long days, so I came up with an idea,” Smith says in the video.

“What I need is everybody out there named Will Smith, I need you to look down and respond to Netflix below. Coz I can’t do it all myself, and I need y’all to help me out. All Will Smiths please stand up!”

At first it seems as though the tweet is just a quick, quirky way to promote the movie, as if Will Smith is just joking about how common his name is and how the Oscar-nominated celebrity can’t handle what is probably a standard part of his job.

However … Netflix is actually responding to all the video’s commentators named Will Smith (or some similar deviation of the name) and asking for DMs.

Though the whole thing is still shrouded in mystery, one of the non-Will Smith Will Smiths tweeted a screenshot of his private DM with Twitter.

So time will tell what comes of this. Meanwhile, if you’re named Will Smith and want to get in on the action after years of people singing the "Fresh Prince" theme song at you, looks like this is your time to shine.