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July 05, 2024

A circus performance of 'Hamlet' to open at FringeArts this month

Philadelphia is the first stop on the New York Circus Project's tour of the Shakespearean tragedy.

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Performers will combine aerial acts, juggling, dance and acrobatics with theater at the New York Circus Project's production of "Hamlet," opening at FringeArts later this month.

Aerial performers will dangle from silks and contortionists will put a new spin on a depiction of Ophelia's death in a circus version of "Hamlet" that's coming to FringeArts later this month. 

Philadelphia is the first stop for the New York Circus Project's production of the Shakespearean tragedy. The show, directed by the project's co-founder Sam Landa, will open at FringeArts, 40 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd., from July 24-28 before heading to Washington, D.C., and Chicago for the debut tour. Tickets are $49 for general admission. 

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The Circus Project reinterprets the classic play with dance and circus acts, combining balancing and juggling with theater. Ophelia's death is portrayed during a contortion scene in a water-filled basin, and the final monologue of Hamlet's father's ghost is shown as an aerial piece with the spirit revolving around Hamlet. 

The New York Circus Project combines acrobatics with theater performances for shows like Moulin Rouge. The group also produces free circus cabarets on the New York City streets. Cast and crew are alumni of Cirque du Soleil, the 7 Fingers and the National Circus School in Montreal, Canada. 

A trailer for the show can be found below. 


FringeArts, 40 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd. 

July 24-28

General Admission: $49