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December 22, 2015

NFL power rankings: NFC Hierarchy/Obituary after Week 15

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122215OdellBeckham Julie Jacobson/AP

Odell Beckham Jr. is apparently the most easily rattled player in the NFL.

Week 15 of the NFL season is in the books, and we have no new obituaries, although the Eagles and Giants face elimination. Eight teams are dead, eight teams remain alive. Here's this week's Hierarchy/Obituary:


Graveyard after Week 13



8) Giants (6-8)

The New York Times estimates that the New York Giants have an 8% chance of making the playoffs. They have to win their last two games, and the Redskins have to lose their last two games for the Giants to win the division.

This week against the Vikings, they'll have to win without the suspended Odell Beckham Jr., who is apparently the most easily rattled player in the NFL.


7) Eagles (6-8)

Sunday night, we saw the difference between the Eagles and a really good team. The really good team has a wide assortment of weapons on offense, a good quarterback, and a defense that makes plays. They had one penalty, and did not turn the ball over.

All season long after Eagles losses, you could look at the standings and say, "They're still only one game back!"

But really, it doesn't matter. Even if the Eagles win this week against the Redskins, and then again against the Giants, they're going nowhere in the playoffs. This is just not a very good football team.


6) Redskins (7-7)

Kirk Cousins' numbers since the "You like that!" game: 185 of 254 (72.8%), 2205 yards, 16 TD, 3 INT, 115.0 QB rating.


5) Vikings (9-5)

The Vikings had an impressive win over the Bears on Sunday, and they've looked impressive all year against bad teams. In 2015, the Vikings are 8-1 against teams that do not have a winning record. They are 1-4 against teams with winning records. This will be a nice season to build on for Minny, but that's all it will be. 


4) Packers (10-4)

The Packers clinched a playoff berth this week, and they'll have the chance to win the division Week 17 against the Vikings, if necessary. They have a potential playoff preview this week in Arizona, which still has some meaning in terms of the 2 seed. 


3) Seahawks (9-5)

Russell Wilson's last five games:

 OpponentComp-Att Yards TD-INT Rating 
 49ers24-29 260 3-0 138.5 
 Steelers21-30 345 5-0 147.9 
 Vikings21-27 274 3-0 146.0 
 Ravens23-32 292 5-0 139.6 
 Browns21-30 249 3-0 128.3 
 TOTAL110-148 (74.3%) 1420 19-0 143.6 

In his last three games, Russell Wilson's QB rating has steadily declined. He sucks.


2) Cardinals (12-2)

So, uh, they're pretty good, huh?

Panthers helmet

1) Panthers (14-0)

Here's what we wrote waaaaaaay back in the first Hierarchy/Obituary of the season:

Cam Newton's rushing numbers go down a little every year, and his passing numbers stay roughly the same. I love Newton's skill set, but when is he going to evolve?

Cam Newton TD/INT QB Rating Rush yards Rush TD 
 201121/17 84.5 706 14 
 201219/12 86.2 741 
 201324/13 88.8 585 
 201418/12 82.1 539 

Answer: This year, apparently.

Cam Newton TD/INT QB Rating Rush yards Rush TD 
 201533/10 98.9 580 

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