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February 09, 2021

Are Eagles, Howie Roseman risking Carson Wentz trade with too high an asking price?

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36_01052020_EaglesvsSeahawks_Carson_Wentz_credKateFrese.jpg Kate Frese/for PhillyVoice

Carson Wentz looks to pass during the Philadelphia Eagles wild-card game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Carson Wentz is still an Eagle.

What's the hold up? Well, it seems like — not surprisingly — the pre-Super Bowl reports that a trade was imminent and nearly in place may have been a bit exaggerated. Perhaps that was simply an attempt by Howie Roseman to add a little more urgency to the bidding parties, or perhaps the reporting was true, and then something else went down. But according to NFL insider Mike Garafolo, who was on NFL Network talking about the trade Monday night, we may have more waiting to do.

"Nothing is imminent," Garofolo said (in the clip above, if you didn't watch it). "The Eagles are basically waiting for an offer they think is worthwhile to trade away Carson Wentz. One of the options still on the table — don't think this is likely — is that they don't get an offer they deem worthy and they say 'ok Carson Wentz report to training camp.'

"I am almost 100% sure he is going to get traded but it may not be as quick as some folks think. The Bears and the Colts are amongst the teams involved, and I am told there are other teams involved, and the Bears and Colts have other quarterbacks they are keeping an eye on. A lot of moving parts, a lot of chess, a lot poker being played here."

It is without a doubt a good thing that the Eagles are not eagerly shipping Wentz off for pennies on the dollar. He was, after all, a gigantic investment of multiple draft picks, and will be paid $34 million (against the cap) whether he stays or goes. The Eagles rightly want to be compensated fairly for the dead money they'll be taking on for an acquiring team. However, is it possible that Roseman and the Eagles front office are over-valuing what they can net for him?

According to several reports from the last few days, the Eagles are seeking a Matthew Stafford-like package for Wentz. Back before the Super Bowl, the Rams traded Jared Goff, a third round pick and two first rounds picks for the former No. 1 pick. The Eagles want to be the Lions in this analogy, not the Rams. 

Good luck with that.

With Roseman reportedly hoping to net two first round picks, or at least a first round pick plus, teams are obviously not champing at the bit to acquire a quarterback fresh off one of the worst seasons in the history of starting quarterbacks. The Eagles may have to be willing to wait it out, and risk losing bidders to other quarterbacks (and risk bringing Wentz back in 2021 — with a new coaching staff that was kind of brought in to make Wentz happy anyway... we think?)

The Eagles seem desperate, and teams know it. And there are other options on the market — one of the reasons why the Birds have had their foot so firmly on the gas to make a deal as soon as possible. So is Roseman the guilty party here? Or has the NFL gotten wise and decided to sit and wait for the Eagles to blink?

If you ask Carson Wentz himself, reportedly, he's pretty unhappy with Roseman too.

What a mess...

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