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December 24, 2015

N.J. man sues ex-wife over jibes on memo line of alimony checks

Suit seeks unspecified compensation for emotional distress

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Francis Wagner, 61, claims his wife's insulting alimony checks caused emotional distress and deteriorated his health.

A New Jersey man has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife over a series of apparent jabs she directed at him on the memo line of multiple alimony checks, including insults such as "loser," "bum" and "adult child support."

The suit, filed last week by an attorney representing 61-year-old Francis Wagner, claims that 57-year-old Diane Wagner caused Francis emotional distress and exacerbated his health problems by including the insulting memo lines on the weekly $186 checks, ABC 7 reports.

In her defense, Diane Wagner says she consistently keeps up with the $744 monthly payments and is entitled to write whatever she pleases on the memo line since it is intended for her own reference.

She is currently undergoing treatment for cancer and learned of her ex-husband's complaint when a friend pointed out that an image of her alimony check had been posted on the page of the law firm representing him.

Francis Wagner is seeking unspecified compensation. The lawsuit also claims that a $5,000 deposit was erroneously placed in a joint account with Diane Wagner, who allegedly withdrew the money without acknowledging any wrongdoing.