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November 09, 2017

Oh great, some Eagles fan jinxed our Super Bowl chances with a dumb tattoo

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100217EaglesFans Jae C. Hong/for PhillyVoice

Eagles fans dominated in the stands in Los Angeles today.

The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl favorites at the moment, riding the hot hand of Carson Wentz and a dominating defense to an 8-1 record at the midpoint of the NFL season.

So of course, some idiot decided to go out and jinx the whole thing.

A photo of someone with an Eagles tattoo is circulating via social media (originally posted by user @amyleighp). It shows what appears to be a freshly tattooed arm with the Eagles' logo above the words "Super Bowl Champs, 2018-2020."

One local television station called the tattoo "bold!" which is a sanitized way of saying "stupid."

Guys, I'm as tantalized about the Birds' surprising success this year as the rest of you. But if you were wondering what going to far looked like, this is it. For a team that has never won a Super Bowl (yeah, I know, NFL championships), predicting a never-been-done-before three-peat is rather, um, "bold."

(Author's note: If this tattoo was not done earnestly, but instead as a parody of the overzealous nature of our fanbase and/or an experiment on the nature of sports media content production, then I take back my stupid/idiot comments and give a tip of the hat to the person who got the tattoo.)