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June 20, 2015

Pennsylvania bill would force strippers to register with government

Aimed at preventing sex trafficking in the state

Pennsylvania Lawmakers are considering a bill in the house that would force strippers to register with the government, the Associated Press reports

The bill, introduced by Republican State Rep. Matt Baker, would require adult-oriented establishments and their employees to register with the Department of State. The employer registration, which would cost, $300, would require the business to alert the state of employees who had recently been hire by or left the establishment. 

The goal of the legislation is to protect undocumented workers who are exploited sexually at strip clubs and are forced into such acts out of fear of being deported or fired. The employee registration, which would cost $50, would require workers to submit if they had previously been a victim of sex trafficking, as well as other personal information. 

Baker told AP that the bill reflected concerns of faith-based organizations and would ensure that workers couldn't be "passed around" at the state's adult-oriented establishments. However some have expressed concern over the invasion of privacy that the bill may create. 

The bill would also bar establishments that display full nudity from serving liquor, something Baker admit would test federal court precedent. 

The last action on the bill was in February when it was referred to the House Judiciary Committee.