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December 11, 2015

Pa. House Democrats: What's the delay?

Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives are weighing their reaction to a spending plan that has the support of Gov. Tom Wolf, House Democrats and the Senate.

Meanwhile, House Democrats say they want to know the whereabouts of the Republican leadership .

At a press conference in the mostly empty state Capitol on Friday, Democrats from around the state asked, where is House Speaker Mike Turzai, R-Allegheny County? The York Dispatch reported:

"We know where Donald Trump is," Rep. Margo Davidson, D-Delaware County, said referring to the controversial GOP presidential candidate who attended a Friday luncheon at the swanky Pennsylvania Society in New York City. "Where is the speaker?"
The press conference, held in the Capitol building, featured Democrats from the across the state, including Kevin Schreiber of York City, who also called on Turzai to reconvene the House that day so it can vote on a state budget proposal passed by the Senate days earlier.

The state government is five months into a budget stalemate.

According to the Associated Press, House GOP officials said Friday they want a reduction in plan's spending level and tax increase, and elimination of language that will artificially reduce next year's pension obligation payments.

The $30.8 billion budget plan passed by the Senate authorizes $2 billion in additional spending and legislation overhauling benefits in the state's two pension systems, the AP reported. The Senate also passed legislation to license private-sector wine sales. A proposed $1.2 billion tax increase is still under wraps.