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November 26, 2017

Pa. lawmakers push to end tire dumping in Philadelphia

Violations could soon cost you $5000 a wheel.

Philadelphia House Democrat Angel Cruz and other members of the House's Philadelphia delegation are making a push to end trash dumping, particularly that of tires, in the city Cruz referred to as “Filthydelphia.”

“Cleaning up our streets is one of the easiest ways to reclaim our city -- the city of Philadelphia -- from what has become known as ‘Filthydelphia,’” Cruz said to KYW.

The new legislation tightens regulation on trash-dumping, which Cruz says is both environmentally and fiscally irresponsible. The clean-up of illegal dumping, according to Cruz’s estimates, is $8 million a year.

City & State PA notes that part of the issue of tire dumping comes from standing water inside the tires that breeds mosquitos who can potentially spread disease. As the tires decompose, the chemicals can also become airborne and lead to fires.

The legislation is an update to 2004’s Act 227, which also addressed the enforcement of waste laws, this time including the illegal dumping of tires within the law’s confines and implementing a fine of $5,000 per illegally dumped tire. The new legislation also says violators of the law could be forced to forfeit the car they used while breaking the dumping guidelines.

Chairman Representative Maira Donatucci supported the legislation, City & State PA says, and agrees to make violaters more responsible for breaking the law.

More details on waste tire guidelines and how to legally discard of a tire is available through the state's Waste Tire Program.