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May 17, 2017

Pennsylvania students claim school vetoed their anti-abortion club

Two Pennsylvania high school students say an administrator's decision to reject their request to form an anti-abortion club is "unconstitutional and must be reversed."

Represented by the Thomas More Society, a conservative law firm, the students sent a demand letter to the school Wednesday asking Parkland High School in Allentown to immediately reverse the decision and allow the club.

Senior Elizabeth Castro and junior Grace Schairer say they tried to start up Trojans for Life last fall.

The students say they found a teacher-adviser and submitted their club proposal in March, but were denied by Assistant Principal Jude Sandt, who they say claimed the group would be too political and controversial.

The Thomas More Society pointed to Parkland's Gay Straight Alliance and Political Science Club as examples of other political groups allowed by the school.

“We met all of Parkland High School’s requirements for beginning a club at the school. We were denied simply because we are pro-life," Castro said in the release.

The letter to Parkland's administration says the denial violates the students' First Amendment rights and federal equality protections for schools.

A Parkland spokesperson said the matter was being reviewed  and could not comment at this time.