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October 04, 2017

People get pretty mad after high school marching band interrupts other marching band

Considering all the truly awful things happening in our country as of late, it can sometimes be comforting to know there are still local, small-town controversies that seem trivial but really piss people off.

Which is exactly what we have in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This past Friday night, the Bethlehem Catholic (Becahi) Golden Hawks beat the Easton Red Rovers, 24-17, to stay unbeaten for the year.

The real story, however, happened on the field but had nothing to do with football. Apparently, in the middle of Becahi's marching band performing and after Easton's band had already played, Easton's team just straight up ran onto the field and the Red Rovers' band starting playing their school's fight song.

This did not sit well with Becahi's fans. Per a letter to the editor in LehighValleyLive, which called the move an "unbelievable show of disrespect":

While Becahi's marching band was still in the middle of their half-time performance -- a performance that already had to be rushed because Easton's band went on longer than their 7-minute allotment -- the Easton football team ran on the field.

Adding insult to injury, the Easton marching band then began playing their fight song. A stunned and confused Becahi band was forced to stop their performance amid the chaos and exit the field.

These kids work hard for their seven minutes in the spotlight. Our marching band stood in respect as Easton's band performed. The Easton band then took the stands and played over ours. Bad form, Easton.

But wait, there's a twist! Easton athletics' official Twitter account responded to local high school sports reporter Kyle Craig's tweet about the controversy, suggesting Easton had gotten even for a sign that was held up in the Becahi student section:

And that's when I discovered that just like Eagles fans, high school sports fans have their very own s***-talking Twittersphere.

There are obviously unanswered questions here. Did Easton’s band go over its allotted time before Becahi? What did the Becahi sign say? Is Kyle Craig a long-lost relative of mine who also works in media?

When contacted about the controversy, James Pokrivsak, Easton's athletic director, provided the following statement:

Easton Athletic Department does not have a comment. Both Directors of Athletics spoke today and all issues were resolved are moving forward.
Well that's no fun. 

This story has been updated with a comment from Easton's athletic director.