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June 07, 2019

Eagles' Lane Johnson fires back at DeMarcus Lawrence with Kawhi Leonard meme

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Whenever someone takes a shot at the Philadelphia Eagles, you can count on right tackle Lane Johnson to be the first to clap back.

Johnson has taken swipes at everyone from the New England Patriots and Donovan McNabb to his now-teammate Zach Brown, who once got into a jawing match with the Eagles when he played for Washington.

This time around, Johnson is responding to Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, who kicked off NFC East trash-talk season Friday morning following the news of Carson Wentz's four-year contract extension.

Lawrence implied that the Cowboys are going are going to feast on Wentz now that he's been made a very wealthy man in Philadelphia. Granted, the Cowboys had the Eagles' number last season, but this is only going to embolden the Eagles to make up for it in 2019.

Lane Johnson's job is to protect Wentz, of course, so he's the last person who's going to stand for Lawrence's yapping. It may be too soon for Sixers fans, but Johnson responded with a Kawhi Leonard meme (fortunately, there's no volume, so you don't have to hear his awkward laugh).

The Eagles' first matchup with the Cowboys will come on Oct. 20 for "Sunday Night Football."