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April 05, 2019

Everyone thought Stephen A. Smith ran onto the court during Sixers-Bucks scrap

Fans mistakenly ID'ed 'First Take' host in Embiid-Bledsoe confrontation

NBA Sixers

The Sixers couldn't quite pull out the win Thursday night against the Milwaukee Bucks, but there was plenty of entertainment on the court in Philadelphia.

On any other night, Bryce Harper ringing the ceremonial bell would have been noteworthy enough for Philly fans. The Wells Fargo Center was packed with local stars.

In Joel Embiid's return to the lineup, things got chippy pretty quickly. After jockeying for rebound position in a horrible mismatch, Bucks guard Eric Bledsoe shoved and then pegged Embiid with the basketball. That earned him an ejection. 

In the brief moments when both teams formed a scrum, out of nowhere appeared what looked to be ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith, the $10 million man and turkey vulture enemy who formerly covered the Sixers in Philadelphia. Fans pointed out the absurdity of Smith getting involved in the altercation. 

Some things are too good to be true. No, this was not Stephen A. Smith. It was a member of the Sixers security staff who happens to kind of look like him. The eyes see what they want to see sometimes. 

We live in a world where no one would have doubted it if Stephen A. Smith charged an NBA court to mediate a fight. Pretty cool. 

Smith addressed the situation Friday afternoon, telling everyone to get their eyes checked. He was at the game, he said, but isn't stupid enough do something like that.