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March 26, 2019

Turkey vulture crashes through Stephen A. Smith's ESPN office window

In the world of bad omens, giant scavenging birds breaking through your window is probably pretty high up there on the "watch your back" scale.

That's literally what happened at the ESPN office in Bristol, Connecticut, on Tuesday morning.

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A turkey vulture crashed through the window of "First Take" co-host Stephen A. Smith, who was not present for the incident.

The first to share the news was Trey Wingo, followed by Adam Schefter with a visual. 

Smith always finds away to interpret things involving himself in a positive light. It was obviously a depressed turkey vulture. 

Crews were called to the office to attempt a rescue operation for the turkey vulture. It appears those efforts were successful. 

Maybe next time, the turkey vulture can time its break-in with Smith's presence at the office. That would have been one of the most entertaining encounters of Smith's long, loud career.