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May 30, 2017

Photo of Kathy Griffin holding bloodied Donald Trump mask causes social media firestorm

Comedian said she was mocking president, whom she called 'Mocker in Chief'

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Kathy Griffin Kathy Griffin/Twitter

A social media firestorm broke out Tuesday after a photo surfaced of comedian Kathy Griffin posing with a bloodied mask that bore a resemblance to President Donald Trump's head.

And she's not apologizing for it, either.

"Obviously, I do not condone any violence by my fans or others to anyone, ever," she tweeted hours after TMZ published the leaked photo on Tuesday. "I'm merely mocking the Mocker in Chief."

For good measure, the Emmy and Grammy award winner also posted a 15-second video to her Twitter account late Tuesday afternoon that shows her lifting Trump's mock head.

The photos sparked an outrage from social media users, many of whom noted they oppose Trump as they criticized Griffin's move.

While his father hadn't tweeted about the photo as of late Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump Jr. joined the foray, rhetorically asking the Twitter world to imagine if a conservative-aligned star had done the same thing to former President Barrack Obama while he still held the office.

The picture was part of a photo shoot with Tyler Shields, a photographer known for a brush or two with controversy.

"(Shields) and I like to do images that make noise," Griffin said in a video posted to TMZ.

Shields defended the pictures in a Tuesday interview with Buzzfeed.

"Trump is the social media president," he said. "He is the most polarizing president we've ever had. With any type of person like that, art is going to be made about them."