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December 15, 2016

Pop quiz on Twitter verifies if you're from Philly or not

Philadelphia, on and off Twitter, is a fun, weird, sometimes angry but ultimately loving place. But do you belong there?

That's what the hashtag #PhillyVerificationQuestions appears to be trying to find out. The tag started trending on Thursday, and members of the Philly Twitter community have been using it to ask poll questions, with your answer helping show whether you're from Philly or not.

For example, the correct answer to this question...

... is Wawa, of course.

Here are some other examples, but be forewarned, some of these tweets contain explicit language:

Correct Answer: "Calling u a d***head"

Answer: Club Onyx Hypeman

Answer: A tough call, actually

Answer: Twitter will absolutely roast you.

Answer: Folding chair, even if it's illegal

Answer: Cowboys

You can check out more of the questions here.