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November 11, 2015

The pros and cons of leaving Philadelphia

A writer's journey to L.A. leaves her missing (parts of) home

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Fall in Philadelphia Druf Photos/for PhillyVoice

Fall in Philadelphia.

I have been living in Philadelphia on and off since 2008. From studying in West Philly to working in Northern Liberties, my relationship with this city — like that of most Philadelphians — is difficult to put into words. As Facebook simply puts it, “It’s Complicated.”

Alas, like many long-term relationships, the city and I are now parting ways as I heed the call of a new job out west. The comfortable, manageable and affordable lifestyle I have grown accustomed to is now giving way to a spread-out and star-studded Los Angeles. 

Am I nervous? Absolutely. Am I excited? Totally.  

As I try to wrap my head around what can only be described as a surreal transition, I've decided to list a few pros and cons of heading west. Unlike whenever Philly is compared to other East Coast cities, this analysis is really more like comparing apples to (organic) oranges.


1. I will no longer run into 10 acquaintances within 30 minutes of walking around town.  

2. I can wear wide-brimmed hats with hipster undertones sans-judgment. 

Jordyn 2
The author at Philly landmarks Geno's Steaks and the LOVE statue. (Druf Photos)

3. My cravings for kombucha, kale and other superfoods will be just as convenient to find as a Wawa hoagie.

4. Playing the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (and indulging my IMDb knowledge) will be welcomed at any dinner table. 

5. The odds that I run into Johnny Depp just got a lot greater. 


1. One word: traffic! (Come on, didn’t you expect a cliché California complaint?) 

2. Philly yogis have already warned me L.A. yoga is intense. No more "slow flow."

Jordyn Shaffer
The author hangs around her former home, Philadelphia. (Druf Photos)

3. No Wawa. But, really, what am I going to do? Coffee addicts? Anyone? Help!

4. No more Eagles tailgates. Go to F1 at the Linc and you’ll understand the withdrawal. 

5. I'm now very (very) far away from loved ones. 

Follow me @Jordyn_Shaffer as I embark on this exhilarating journey. And if you disagree with a pro or a con, be sure to call me out on it — Philly style — in the comments.