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May 20, 2015

30 things that will definitely happen to you if you move to Philadelphia

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Philadelphia skyline visit Philadelphia Photo by B. Krist / Visit Philadelphia™

The iconic Philadelphia skyline.

1. You will get addicted to Wawa.

Iced tea
Photo by Wawa/Facebook

2. You will try to beat the Philadelphia Parking Authority in a unique manner, but will lose anyway.

A member of the Philadelphia Parking Authority writes a ticket for an expired meter in Center City. Matt Rourke/AP

3. You will obsess over the Eagles and never miss an Eagles/Cowboys game.

Eagles fans
(Michael Perez/Associated Press)

4. You will start to order hoagies and scoff at the idea of a sub.

Dave Lai, owner of Fu-Wah Mini Market, (810 S. 47th St.), sells arguably one of the best Vietnamese hoagies in all of Philadelphia. Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

5. You will discover a deep and undying love for "wooder ice."

John's Water Ice: President Obama approved. Carolyn Kaster/AP

6. You will go to a MAC for money and forget what an ATM is.

7. You will fall in love with Rocky and everything he stands for.


8. You will develop a hatred for all things New York and be repulsed by the idea of being taken as a New Yorker.

Repulsed woman
File Art/PhillyVoice

9. You will dream of going down the Jersey Shore in the summer for a weekend getaway.

Atlantic City Skyline

10. You will learn the magical taste of Yuengling and never go back to anything else again.

11. You will realize that only tourists eat at Pat’s and Geno’s and fall in love with the closest hole-in-the-wall cheesesteak place.

12. You will come to understand the difference between ‘whiz, wit’ and ‘whiz, witout.’

13. You will learn that crick is not a knot in your neck but a body of water too small to be a river.

14. You will turn down sprinkles and kindly request jimmies.

15. Youse will start to use the word youse.

I love English
File Art/PhillyVoice

16. You will start to eat scrapple and actually enjoy it.

17. You will look up to Joe Frazier and be proud to reside in the same city.

18. You will learn what gravy should really taste like.

19. You will become an extremely passionate sports fan, even if you don't like sports.

20. You will quickly find out that Addison Street is probably the most beautiful street in the Northeast.

21. You will laugh when someone says "Let’s go downtown" and let them know it’s Center City.

22. You will take 676 once at rush hour.

23. You will look forward to The Mummers parading down the street.

24. You will finally understand what Will Smith was singing about all those years ago.

Fresh prince screen shot

25. You will never eat a soft pretzel from anywhere else ever again.

26. You will try to walk everywhere you can to avoid ever having to park.

27. You will pick up the Philadelphia bluntness that gives the city the reputation for having an attitude.

28. You will become a world-class art aficionado, what with the Philadelphia Museum of Art mere steps away.

29.You will find out firsthand why Philadelphia is called the City of Brotherly Love.

30. You will learn to ignore what everyone else thinks of you and be proud as hell to be from Philadelphia.

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