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December 14, 2017

Racist posters found around Temple University campus

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02.07.15_Temple Thom Carroll /PhillyVoice

Temple University

Several racist posters placed throughout Temple University’s campus were spotted Wednesday night around 8 p.m., containing racial slurs and inflammatory language.

A Temple student tweeted a photo of one sign that was found outside of 1940 Residence Hall, addressing African-Americans with a racial slur and reading, “Bernie would have won if it wasn’t for you. Seriously, f*ck you all. This is all your fault.”

According to the Temple News, similar posters were hung on power poles.

“This is disgusting, hateful and has no place on our campus,” a university spokesperson told the Temple News. “Students who find additional posters are asked to contact Campus Safety Services.”

This is not the first racist incident to hit the Temple campus this semester after bananas were found hanging around an all-black campus dorm. 

Many campuses locally and elsewhere have dealt with similar incidents throughout the last several months. Racist graffiti at Cabrini was reported earlier this year, while in Chester County several high school students carved Halloween pumpkins with swastikas.

After word of the Temple posters began to circulate around campus, the Progressive NAACP chapter at Temple tweeted a response.

“It is sad that we have to address something of this nature again, but this is our reality,” the statement reads.

“We understand that Temple’s Campus Safety is looking into this issue and in their results, we hope that action is taken to set a precedent in not condoning these divisive and hateful acts whether they be passive aggressive in anonymous ways or aggressive in person… Once again, we stand unwaveringly in solidarity against any hateful acts.”

Temple Student Body President Tyrell Mann-Barnes also tweeted a response to the incident.

“I am not the least bit surprised by the sign outside of 1940,” he wrote in the tweet. “However, I will say that it is imperative we fight hate, racism, bigotry, and intolerance every time we see it.”