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September 03, 2016

The Redskins' defense is literally garbage

Well, sort of

Ok, the headline is clearly an exaggeration. But if there was ever a perfect metaphor for the annual dumpster fire lists from PhillyVoice Eagles writer Jimmy Kempski, this is it.

According to an ESPN story, a caller to Washington D.C. sports radio station 106.7 The Fan claimed he had found the Reskins' "entire defensive playbook" along with team clothing in a dumpster in Ashburn, Virginia.

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The caller, Josh, sent pictures of what he found to the station. Now, as it turns out, the books he found didn't contain the team's "entire playbook," but did appear to be from the Redskins. Per ESPN:

One of the notebooks had rookie undrafted free agent Ejiro Ederaine’s name on it.

He was released on Saturday. The caller also sent a picture to the Junkies of three burgundy notebooks with the team name at the top and the words “Defensive Workbook” at the bottom. They’re not playbooks; the Redskins use iPads for that and those are given back when a player is cut.

Josh told the hosts (again, per ESPN):

“It has what you do in a hot route, what his assignment would have been, what the guy next to him’s assignment would have been. It has breakdowns and handwritten things of the new calls, like the defense changed the call or whatever. He scratched it out and put the new verbiage for it. I mean, it’s got everything.”

If nothing else, Josh (a Washington fan) will be the coolest guy among his friends when he's watching the game and is able to identify some of the schemes and plays that were in the book. And for Eagles fans, as The 700 Level points out, its just another excuse to laugh at the Redskins.

(h/t The 700 Level)