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April 15, 2017

Report: Eli Manning part of a fraudulent Giants memorabilia scheme

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is facing accusations of fraud, and no, we're not referring to his lucky improbable pair of Super Bowl runs in 2007 and 2011. 

Instead, Manning along with the Giants are facing a civil racketeering suit, according to the New York Post, which claims "a smoking-gun email from Eli Manning proves he quarterbacked a conspiracy to defraud collectors by pawning off phony game-worn gear as the real deal, according to court documents."

The two-time Super Bowl MVP, who has a contract with memorabilia dealer Steiner Sports, instructed a team manager to get the bogus equipment so it could be sold off as authentic, the papers say.

“2 helmets that can pass as game used. That is it. Eli,” Manning wrote to equipment manager Joe Skiba from a BlackBerry on April 27, 2010, according to the documents.

Less than 20 minutes later, Manning wrote to his marketing agent, Alan Zucker, who requested the helmets, saying: “Should be able to get them for tomorrow.”

The Giants and Manning are unlikely to face criminal prosecution because "the alleged actions in question have passed the federal five-year statute of limitations," according to ESPN, but a civil trial is scheduled for September 25.

It's rare that the Philadelphia Eagles are the most drama-free team in the NFC East, but that appears to be the case this offseason. 

• The Washington Redskins clownishly fired general manager Scot McCloughan on the first day of free agency, a move widely attributed to McCloughan's battle with alcoholism.

• The Dallas Cowboys have been in the spotlight for much of the offseason, as a clear-cut resolution have not yet come to fruition with long-time quarterback Tony Romo, who is reportedly going to take over as CBS' lead game analyst but has not yet filed retirement papers. They also have had to deal with an incident in which running back Ezekiel Elliott exposed a woman's breast on camera during a St. Patrick's Day party.

• And now, of course, the Giants and Manning will have to deal with Memorabiliagate, although I don't suspect Roger Goodell will do much poking into the affairs of his good buddy John Mara, who owns the Giants.

The Eagles have had next to nothing in the way of drama this offseason, that is until they draft Joe Mixon in a couple weeks.

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