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December 20, 2016

Report: New Jersey delivery driver assaulted with sandwich

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The Primanti Bros Sandwich Pack.

For all of the love and handicraft that go into the making of a great sandwich, it would seem unthinkable that anyone could turn around and use such an item as a means of assault on anything other than taste buds.

Not so for James Marra, a Nutley, New Jersey, man who reportedly doesn't believe 25 cents change is even worth the bubble gum or bouncy ball it buys you.

According to a report from Point Pleasant Patch, last Thursday, an unfortunate Nutley delivery driver was targeted with the very $11.75 sandwich he had just delivered to 22-year-old Marra, who allegedly instructed him to throw away his change for $12.

When Marra allegedly told the delivery driver he "didn't need it," the driver reportedly did as told and threw the quarter into the driveway. As he walked away, he told police he was struck in the back of the head by the sandwich.

That allegedly wasn't enough for Marra, who reportedly proceeded to smear the remains of the sandwich on the delivery driver's windshield, according to police.

Officers who responded to the scene arrested Marra and later charged him with simple assault and criminal mischief. He was released pending a future appearance in court.

No word on the condition of the delivery driver.