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December 19, 2019

A review of Carson Wentz's 14 fumbles this season

As Carson Wentz continues to grow as a quarterback, he has done an excellent job of not throwing interceptions, as he has only thrown 21 of them over the last three seasons. However, as you have all seen, fumbling has been a major issue, as Wentz has 46 career fumbles, 19 of which have been recovered by the Eagles' opponents.

In 2019, Wentz has 14 total fumbles, seven of which resulted in turnovers. Because fumbles are often attributed to the quarterback, when in reality they could be the fault of a running back because of a poor exchange or a bad snap by a center, I thought it would (a) be fair to look at each fumble individually, and (b) determine why Wentz is failing to hold onto the ball.

The following is a video of all 14 of Wentz's fumbles this season, with some analysis:

Here's how I would categorize Wentz's fumbles:

Reason for fumble Count
 Get two hands on the ball!
 Bad snap
 Defenders around me? So what? Ima make a play!
 OL's fault
 Trying to do too much when the play is clearly going nowhere
 General carelessness (dropping a good snap)
 Reaching for first down on QB sneak

In my unscientific experience reviewing quarterback fumbles, bad snaps and/or fumbled exchanges typically count for a higher percentage of a quarterback's fumbles than they do here, and it is clearly the No. 1 thing that Wentz has to clean up going forward. He's in his fourth year, and this should not still be as a big a problem as it is.

In the video, I called DeMarcus Lawrence "DeMarcus Ware" at one point, and referred to Zach Ertz as Wentz, so I'm self-admitting that up front before any dorks can point that out. ;)

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