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May 21, 2015

Sean O'Sullivan and Boone Logan engage in lighthearted pregame standoff

Being a starting pitcher seems like a pretty sweet gig, especially if you're coming off a good outing. Everybody congratulates you for pitching well, and then there's four to five days off for you to joke around and generally not be held accountable. Seems like good work if you can get it.

Sean O'Sullivan threw six shutout innings on Sunday against the Arizona Diamondbacks, so he's probably feeling pretty good about himself right now. On the day before he'll get the ball again, the veteran righthander decided to partake in the type of pointless competition you would more likely expect from little leaguers with Colorado Rockies reliever Boone Logan. After the national anthem ended, the two pitchers waited to see who could stand in their position longer with their hands on their heart.

Here's video of the incident, which includes some teamwork from the other Phillies. Like a boxer, O'Sullivan was hydrated by Freddy Galvis and Justin De Fratus served as the cutman:

I think T-Mac is probably correct in saying that O'Sullivan "won" the competition by a hair. If the Phils go on to win today's game and end up taking three of four from Colorado (they're up 1-0 right now), we all know who set the tone. I'm sure Max Scherzer, O'Sullivan's opponent tomorrow night in the nation's capital, is quaking in his boots.