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March 01, 2019

Walmart retains job for Pennsylvania man with cerebral palsy

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Selinsgove Walmart Source/Google Street View

Walmart in Selinsgrove, Snyder County, Pennsylvania.

A Walmart employee with cerebral palsy will keep his job in Central Pennsylavnia after new company policies had threatened to push him out of the position he's held for years.

Adam Catlin, 30, has been a greeter at the Selinsgrove Walmart since he was in high school.

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The company recently revised its policies to redefine the position and add physical responsibilities that would make it impossible for Adam — who is legally blind and relies on a walker — to continue in his role.

Adam's mother, Holly Catlin, took to Facebook last month to bring attention to her son's situation, urging her community to contact Walmart and preserve her son's job.

On Friday, Holly Catlin shared the news that her son will remain at Walmart with a modified position starting. Instead of serving as a greeter, he will now work in the store's self-checkout area, the family told PennLive

"We are very much in awe and very humbled at the amazing support and love poured out nationwide, during this time," Catlin wrote. "You hear so much about all the bad in the world, let me just say, this world has so much good in it. And each one of you are that good."

Federal law requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to workers with disabilities and to engage with them in trying to find alternative job responsibilities.

Holly Catlin said her son will start at his new position on April 27.