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May 25, 2017

Sixers Twitter account ranked second best in NBA, behind 'Process' thieves

If you're a basketball team that's not going to win very many basketball games, you really have to find ways to score a few moral victories if you want to stay positive.

For the Sixers, landing the 3rd overall pick in next month's draft, and doing so as a direct result of Process calculations, was a great example of such a victory.

Add this to the win column: 2nd best Twitter account in the NBA.

The honor comes via Complex, which ranked all 30 teams based on the quality of their Twitter game. Here's what the editors had to say:

It stands to reason that the team of the NBA’s Twitter GOAT, Joel Embiid, would have a good social media crew, and @Sixers doesn’t disappoint. Philadelphia’s account perfectly melds silly with serious and was able to make even the post-Embiid doldrums of the 2016-17 season enjoyable for Sixers fans. And basically everything they do is on point.

Some examples, as selected by Complex.

It should also be mentioned that a huge reason for the success of @Sixers is the fact that the team's fanbase loves to participate and have their own fun on Twitter. The whole #RaisetheCat phenomenon was a fan-first movement that made its way into "NBA on TNT" jokes. 

So, but second place, though? Who's better than the Sixers? Try the Portland Trailblazers, who were credited for their consistently on-point humor and willingness to roll with the punches during blowout playoff losses to the Warriors. 

The only problem with this selection is that @Trailblazers may have once tried to steal the slogan "Trust the Process," which is pretty low when you know it's basically the only fuel the Sixers have had to run on for the last half-decade.


Trail Blazers Twitter bio.

Funny thing is, the Sixers and Blazers have a pretty healthy and amicable Twitter relationship. 

Here's the top 10 best NBA Twitter accounts (last place, if you want to know, is "brutal" Oklahoma City):

1. Trailblazers

2. Sixers

3.  Kings

4. Raptors

5. Bucks

6. Grizzlies

7. Hawks 

8. Warriors

9. Cavaliers 

10. Rockets 

Check out the full rankings here