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December 09, 2017

Stephen Colbert, Mark Hamill perform new 'Star Wars' Cantina scene

Late Night Star Wars
Colbert Hamill CBS/YouTube

Stephen Colbert and Mark Hamill treated "Stars Wars" fans to a "lost" Cantina scene from the legendary film series.

Stephen Colbert was a "lit candle" on Friday night.

Whatever that means, it likely had something to do with having Mark Hamill as a guest on that night's episode of The Late Show. The late-night host described himself as a huge fan of Hamill's before introducing a segment he performed with Hamill – a "lost" Star Wars scene with Luke Skywalker at the famed Cantina in Mos Eisley.

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"Unlike most people, I didn't jump on the bandwagon when he became a Jedi," Colbert said of Hamill's character. "I was back into him when he was just a moisture farmer. Back before it was cool."

"Obviously the original movies were classics, and I'm loving the new trilogy just as much. But because there was a 30-year gap between them, we have no idea what Luke was up to during this time. We missed out on so many exciting adventures because those movies were never made," he continued. "But fortunately, we do have an exclusive clip tonight from one of those nonexistent films."

The scene features Hamill as Skywalker and Colbert as Randy, a stuck-up doorman at the Cantina who won't let Skywalker into the building.

Hamill and Colbert then discussed the actor's time voice-acting the Joker on Batman, Star Wars fans and his role in the legendary film series.

Both clips can be found below.