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December 14, 2016

Stomach condition keeping Eagles' Brandon Brooks off field is actually anxiety

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121416_Brandon-Brooks_AP Chris Szagola/AP

Philadelphia Eagles guard Brandon Brooks.

Eagles guard Brandon Brooks missed two of his team's last three games with what coach Doug Pederson referred to as a "stomach condition."

On Wednesday, Brooks opened up about what's been causing his game-day illness: anxiety.

Here's how he describes the onset of these anxiety attacks:

Brooks was diagnosed following the Green Bay game, the first he missed this season due to his stomach. The 27-year-old offensive lineman missed a couple games while in Houston due to similar stomach-related symptoms, but said that in the past they had always been described as ulcers. 

Now, it appears, he not only knows the cause of those symptoms, which only seem to manifest on game day, but has a plan to combat them.

I can think of one thing that helps with anxiety, unfortunately the NFL is still stuck in the 1950s.

Opening up about this could not have been easy for Brooks, who signed a five-year deal this offseason worth $40 million. Just look at the responses to my recent story about his then-mysterious illness

They ranged from benign: "bubble guts. Needs to stop eating wawa the night before."

To unfair: "he's got a case of the quitites [sic]"

To malicious and downright nasty: "bc he's a [redacted]"

What you won't hear are a whole bunch people wishing him well and hoping he gets better. Unfortunately, I don't think his admission will cause that last person to suddenly throw his support behind Brooks.

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