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February 02, 2017

Study: Lopsided ratio of single women to men in Philly

In what could be seen as delightful or depressing news depending on your gender/sexual orientation, a new study says there are way more single women than men in Philadelphia.

The study from real estate website Trulia took U.S. Census data to determine how many never-married or since-divorced men and women over the age of 21 were in every metropolitan area in the country.

Philadelphia had the eighth-highest ratio of single women to single men, with about five women for every four men (.769 men for every 1 woman, to be exact).

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That rate was slightly more lopsided than nearby New York City and Baltimore. Those cities placed ninth and 10th, respectively. Philly was the biggest metro area among the top eight.

The study's release shortly before Valentine's Day is surely not coincidental, but don't fret. If you count yourself among the city's single population, you can find a list of "alternative" Valentine's plans here.

For everyone else with a significant other, you can find some date ideas here.