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February 19, 2016

Where to watch the sun rise in Philly

Plus, where to get breakfast afterward

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Sunrise Philly Daniel Craig/PhillyVoice

A view of the sun rising over South Philly from the roof of The Curtis Center at Seventh and Walnut streets.

Nothing screams "I'm getting my life together" like being up in time to watch the sun rise. Philly residents often associate a great sunrise with going down the Shore, but there are some really scenic spots to see it in the city. Here are five locations to trek to at the crack of dawn for a stunning view, plus where to get breakfast nearby when you're done. 

Penn Treaty Park

Where it is: Along the Delaware River, near the corner of Delaware Avenue and Marlborough Street

What you'll see: The Delaware River, Camden, Ben Franklin Bridge

Breakfast afterward: Milkcrate Cafe, 400 E. Girard Ave.

Belmont Plateau

Where it is: 2000 Belmont Mansion Drive, Fairmount Park

What you'll see: Philly skyline, Fairmount Park, maybe Will Smith

Breakfast afterward: June's Breakfast Restaurant, 6227 Lancaster Ave.

Art Museum Steps

Where it is: The Art Museum (duh)

What you'll see: Philly skyline (a closer view than Belmont), morning commuters on the Ben Franklin Parkway, early-rising tourists

Breakfast afterward: Wawa Sabrina's Cafe & Spencer's Too, 1804 Callowhill St.

The Navy Yard

Where it is: Admiral Peary Way, South Philly

What you'll see: South Jersey, joggers, an aura of change and development

Breakfast afterward: Penrose Diner, 2016 Penrose Ave.

Your Roof

Where it is: Up your fire escape, through your window, your friendly neighbor's awesome roof deck you wish you had

What you'll see: Kind of depends on where you live, huh?

Breakfast afterward: Coffee from La Colombe, flavored bacon from 1732 Meats, bagels from Philly Style Bagels