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February 01, 2015

Super Bowl pick: Seahawks over Pats

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020115SeahawksParade Ted S. Warren/AP

The Seahawks will try to become the first team to repeat as Super Bowl Champions since the team they'll play today.

Before the season began, I picked the Seahawks and Patriots to be in the Super Bowl, a not-so-bold prediction that will impress nobody. It was certainly a more conservative pick than this:

Anyway, I picked the Seahawks to win it all, and so, I may as well just stick to my preseason prognostication.


Super Bowl: Seahawks vs Patriots (-2)

Go ahead and google "Seahawks best defense ever." Or just click here. I'll wait. 

OK, are you done?

People have lost their freaking minds if they're putting this Seahawks defense in the same conversation as the 1985 Bears, 2000 Ravens, 1991 Eagles, and 2003 Buccaneers, to name just a few. Statistically, there's an argument to be made that the 2008 Eagles defense was just as good as Seattle's this season.

2008 Eagles vs 2014 Seahawks

That's not to say the Seahawks don't have a great defense. They most certainly do. Their incredibly fast linebackers swarm to the football, their pass rush by committee includes a multitude of players who can get to the QB, and they have the best secondary in football by a mile.

While some get a little carried away with the historical chops of Seahawks' defense, their offense is equally underrated, especially during the playoffs when defenses have tired bodies. In 2014, the Seahawks finished first in almost every major statistical rushing category:

Seahawks run D

In the last 30 years, only two teams have run for more yards in a season than the 2014 Seahawks:

Seahawks run game 2

This is a far more balanced team than people give them credit for. In the passing game, they throw for 7.7 yards per attempt, which was tied for sixth in the NFL. More importantly, they don't turn the ball over. Only the Packers (Aaron Rodgers) and the Chiefs (uber-conservative Alex Smith) threw fewer interceptions, and only five teams lost fewer fumbles.

Great defense, outstanding rushing attack, and a lack of devastating mistakes = Super Bowl football.

Tom Brady has had more playoff success than any QB in the NFL...

...but the Seahawks are simply a more complete team.

Hawks 23-20.

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