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May 04, 2015

Technology at your fingertips - or underneath them

Wearable technology implanted under the skin could check glucose levels, read emotions and more

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What if wearable electronics could be embedded under the skin? Developers say not what but when.

The Apple Watch is so last week. 

The next, more advanced device currently under development is Project Underskin, a wearable piece of technology for underneath your skin, WIRED Health reports.

The device is being developed by Gadi Amit, the designer behind the Fitbit line of wearable devices and the Sproutling baby monitor, among other tech inventions.

The way Project Underskin would work is by utilizing two sub-dermal screens, one implanted in the palm and other publicly visible on the thumb, that would interact with anything you touch, "from [checking] your key health metrics like glucose levels, to helping you exchange data, emotions and payment with other people or objects," Amit told WIRED Health.

"It can [also] unlock your front door, trade data with a handshake, or even tell you if you have low blood sugar," Fast Company pointed out.

Amit predicts the implanted devices will be available within five years.

"The technology is not far-fetched," he told WIRED.

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