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February 07, 2019

Temple University Hospital just installed a breastfeeding pod

The new Mamava suite is welcoming nursing mothers in Boyer Pavilion

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temple mamava pod Photo courtesy/Temple Health

The Mamava pod is located in the Boyer Pavillion.

Temple University Hospital just made it easier for nursing mothers.

A new Mamava pod has been installed in the lobby of Boyer Pavilion, the newly renovated neurology and neurosurgery building.

The pods, which provide women and families a safe and quiet space to pump breast milk or nurse a baby, have been popping up in high-traffic public areas over the past year. You can find them at Philadelphia International Airport and 30th Street Station

The Mamava suite is part of Temple Health's ongoing efforts to support mothers and babies, with a nod to the university’s mascot in the form of some adorable owl imagery.

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As you’ll see in the images, the Mamava pods are small, yet simple and clean. These breastfeeding pods, which can be located nationwide via the Mamava app, are handicapped-accessible and have a locking door, power outlet, fold-down table, seating, and enough space to bring other children, strollers or luggage into the suite with you.

temple mamava pod interior

Temple’s installation of this Mamava pods will be great help to women who need a safe and comfortable place to breastfeed.

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